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The girls were having a sleep over, Robert was fast asleep, this was the first time they had slept at Sues house, they had done all the usual girlie things, paint each other's nails, Face Packs, try different hairstyles on each other, practice with make up, Now they were talking selfies, then Robert came downstairs, sat in a chair in the living room staring at the T.V.

The girls looked at each other in shock until Sue said, 'Don't worry it's just my brother Robert sleep walking" Robert had started sleepwalking when he was 12, That was 4 years ago, he didn't know why he started exactly, but he had put it to good use over the years, everytime he wanted to stay up late to watch a T.V. show he would go to bed wait a few minutes then make his way downstairs, sit in "his" chair (for some reason he always sat in the same chair when sleepwalking) this helped when he was just pretending too.

"Here he is again" his mom would say, when he'd gone to bed early and started sleep walking 30 minutes later, the family were used to it by now and barely took any notice as he walked through the living room and sat in his chair, eyes wide open, fast asleep. Of course the girls were fascinated by this,

Aleanne said - "This is amazing, I've never seen anyone sleepwalk before"

Myriah said - "He looks so awake, how do you know he's really asleep?"

Sue said - Touch him, he won't feel it, he never does, sometimes he will fall asleep again in the chair and sometimes we have to lead him back to bed, he knows nothing about it the next day."

Myriah - "We can do "Anything"? she asked with a mischievous look on her face"

Sue - "I pricked him once and he never flinched"

Robert had learned a few tricks in his time, he could watch T.V. without ever blinking, or at least make sure no one saw him, this was necessary in the illusion of looking like he was in fact sleepwalking, he knew the girls were having a sleepover tonight so he planned early, like a lot of boys, he wanted to see just what girls did when they had sleepovers, he was about to find out.

Myriah took her tweezers from her make upbag, and moved them towards him thinking he would back away when he saw what it was, but Robert never moved, she plucked a stray hair from his eyebrow, again no reaction.

"Stop it" said Aleanne, she was the nicest girl out of the group, she also had a little crush on Robert "It's ok said a voice, he has no idea what your doing," It was Robert's mother, she heard all the commotion and came down to see what was happening,

"Hello Mrs Thompson" said all the girls in unison, She sat behind Robert and began plaiting his hair as if he was in a ladies salon, "If Robert would have been a girl we were going to call him Sarah, I like to play with his hair while he's sleepwalking, I always make sure it's straight again before we tuck him back into bed."

The girls were giggling as she put a large red ribbon at the end of Roberts plaited hair, "See, isn't that pretty Sarah?" she said, knowing he would not answer back, The girls went back to watching the movie they had rented, Robert sat in his chair, but got rather bored so pretended to go to sleep, his mother took the plait out of Roberts hair and led him back to his room, Myriah watch intently, she was fascinated and was determined to push this to the limit.

The next time the girls had a sleep over it was to be at Myriahs house, but she asked if they could go to Sues house, she lied to the other girls telling them her room was being painted, This would be the last sleepover for a while because the three girls had been invited to be bridesmaids at a friends wedding in California, they were all very exited about the trip and brought all there clothes because the flight was at 4:00 am the next morning, and they were getting picked up in a limousine, Robert and his mom were also going so they needed a stretch limousine so they could all travel together.

The night started normally with the girls putting face masks on ready for the sleepover, half way through the movie they saw Robert coming down the stairs, he was wearing blue pj's, he walked straight to his chair and sat down eyes straight ahead, the girls didn't bother this time they just kept on watching their movie, Sue said, "Anyone for popcorn?"

"Sounds good to me" said Myriah, Sue and Aleanne got up to make it, Myriah said "You two go ahead, I just need to file this nail, as soon as the two girls had gone into the kitchen Myriah saw her chance, she didn't believe for one minute that Robert was sleepwalking, she reached for her manicure set, took her tweezers, and pulled a hair from his eyebrow, with no one around Robert was on his own, each hair pulled was torture but what could he do Myriah kept on pulling hairs from his eyebrows until she had shaped them to a slight arch, not arched enough to be girlie but certainly not manly either, she sat back and waited for Sue and Aleanne to return with the popcorn.

The other girls didnt notice what Myriah had done when they returned with the popcorn, Myriah was if nothing else a patient girl, she waited her time until Sue and Aleanne had fallen asleep, She looked at Robert with that same look in her eye she had when first seen Robert sleepwalking, Robert started to panic and closed his eyes as if he was going to sleep, he hoped his sister or Aleanne would wake up and take him to bed, no such luck,

Myriah came towards him just as he was closing his eyes, he knew once he had done this he was at Myriahs mercy, "Why thank you Robert I was wondering how this would work best" she came towards him with her make up bag, Myriah was always the one of the girls who made Sue and Aleanne up when they went out anywhere, she started with Roberts eyes, three shades of eyeshadow blending into each other then eyeliner to shape his eyes, false eyelashes were glued to Roberts own lashes and mascara added to lengthen them even longer,

images2CPGI0RR by SFC78767

Robert was truly at her mercy, then a miracle happened, Sue woke up, but instead of asking what the hell Myriah was doing she gasped and came closer to Robert to gush over what Myriah had done to her brothers eyes, "Could you do that to my eyes?" Sue asked,

"Of course just sit here" after working on her eyes she told Sue she was sorry for what she had done to Robert, "Oh don't worry as mom said he doesn't know it's happening, as long as we clean him up before we get him into bed he won't know anything about it," "What color lipstick were you thinking of," Myriah laughed so loud she woke Aleanne, as she rubbed here eyes she couldn't believe what she saw they had done to poor Robert, both girls were giggling as they painted his lips with the reddest lipstick Myriah had in her make up bag.

imagesVL0L3KXE by SFC78767

Aleanne protested to her friends but she had to admit Myriah was the best, she looked around to ask Sue why she had let Myriah do this to her brother, but Sue was gone maybe she had gone to get something to clean the make up from Roberts face, but no, she came running down the stairs, "Lets put this on him," she was holding a bra and dress, his pj top was taken off him and his arms were placed through the bra straps, Myriah fastened the hooks at the back, moments later she came back with two balloons filled with water, she placed the balloons in the cups and stood back to admire her work.

Myriah unzipped the dress while Sue stood him up from the chair, they moved his feet into the dress and pulled it up his body, Sue tried to pull the zip up but his waist was too large, she looked disappointed, "Wait" said Myriah, she unlocked her suitcase and removed a waist cincher, she put it around Roberts waist and cinched it tight, the zip pulled up to the top easily now, They sat Robert down in his chair looking unlike the man who came down the stairs 3 hrs earlier.

Just when Robert thought the night couldn't get any worse, it did. Myriah looked at Sue and asked, "Can we take him outside"?

''Outside" repeated Sue, "I don't see why not" Aleanne was in shock, "Are you guys mad, you can't take him out looking like that" 

"Shes right" said Myriah, "He needs shoes" Sue burst out laughing, none of the girls shoes would fit, Robert sighed inside, "Wait" said Sue, she ran to the closet near the door" she held out her mothers shoes, "These may though" Roberts foot was held up like Cinderella, "It fits" said Myriah, The girls went to change out of their sleepwear and into some outside clothes, With Sue on one side and Myriah on the other Robert was led outside, he felt the cold air on his legs, Aleanne was walking behind them telling them to "Please go back to the house now you've had your fun"

"Just once round the block, then we will take him back and get all this off him, get him to bed and he won't remember anything tomorrow" said Sue, They turned the last corner before Sue's house came into view, Just then a mini van came down the street, Sue said "Oh no it's Kevin and Taylor"

"Hi girls out late aren't you, wanna go to a party?" Shouted Kevin from the van,

Kevin and Taylor were the two best looking guys in school, this was too good a chance to miss, they looked at Aleanne, "Ok" she said you guys go I'll get "Sarah" home, The girls jumped in the van and Kevin drove off, all the time keeping Aleanne and the other girl in view through his mirror, Robert was a lot to handle for Aleanne on her own , it was all she could do to keep him upright,

Kevin stopped the van "Sorry guys I cant leave the other "Two girls" we have to go back," Sue and Myriah looked at each other, Kevin shouted, "Come on girls get in I can't leave you here, you should come with us, Taylor was already out of the van helping "Sarah" into the van, "Is she ok?" asked Kevin,

Myriah jumped in "She took a sleeping tablet earlier, she will be ok when we get to the party, Aleanne gave Myriah a dirty look, "Why didn't you just ask him to take us back to Sue's you idiot?" Sorry I panicked answered Myriah, the party was well underway when the girls got there, Kevin went to help Aleanne with the other girl, (Robert/Sarah) Aleanne told him, "You go in Kevin, I will stay with Sarah in the van,"
He didn't want to but the others were nearly inside already, "Ok if your sure"

When the others had gone, Robert decided to come clean with Aleanne, she was the only one who seemed to care what happened to him, she was very mad with him as she knew why he had pretended to be a sleep walker, just so he could see the girls in their nighties, "Well I'm sorry Robert it's your own fault, but your stuck like this until we can get you home and clean you up," then she added, "But you do make a very pretty girl, lol." They both laughed.
Robert is a sleepwalker from way back but he's about to meet his match.
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loved the story what is he going to do now
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Nice story,well done. Question how long is Come fly whit me part 3?Thanks. Keep up the good work 
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Thanks James always nice to hear from you.

Let me see what I can do with "Come Fly with me"
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